About Sail First

Our Club

Sailfirst is a non-profit sailing club, and a great place to find like-minded people, who will enjoy the wonderful sport of sailing with you here, on the warm, welcoming island of Cyprus.

We are happily prepared to forge communication between different individuals, with different skill levels, from those from those with will enough, to try to those who marks the sea their home, whilst enjoying monthly and annual events under our sails.

United by the passion we bare for sailing, and racing, amongst all who want to see from the sea’s perspective and to ‘be first with sailfirst’

The main advantage of sailing lies in its lack of restrictions for any age and gender. Anyone can try this wonderful sport, earning a truly unforgettable experience.

In addition to the development of physical skills, sailing also aids spatial thinking and the ability to think strategically. It is not for nothing that this sport is often compared to a game of chess, considering that certain ‘pieces’ move around a fixed area and move according to certain rules (in sailing meaning either the laws of physics, or the ones established by the international sailing federation).

Overall, this is a great way to develop new neural connections, gain advantages in terms of strength and physical ability, and intellectuality, learn how to work in a team setting and get a memorable experience.