Training Sessions

To successfully sail any boat or yacht, you must learn to work in a team, to appropriately react to different sea conditions, basic theory, maintaining balance and other crucial skills, achieved during training.

Improve your sailing skills with Sail First

Improve your sailing skills with SailFirst - заголовок?

Here, you can join a random team for practice.

We organise training sessions, during which you can test yourself at different crew work tasks (Helmsman, pitman, bowman, trimmer, etc), so you can improve your skills and understanding with different teams.

If you own an appropriate license and have an experienced crew, you are given the option of undertaking the training session with the said team.

Sessions of this nature allow you to prepare for regattas, practice more complicated manoeuvres at your own pace, work on mistakes and pay polish new skills.

Who can join?

  • Beginners who have recently discovered sailing and want to try it out first hand;
  • People who have gone out on a yacht a fair few times, and thus would like to delve into the world of sailing further;
  • Experienced yachtsmen who want to practice prior to upcoming competitions and practice new tactics;
  • Those who are intent upon a good rest, such as enjoying the scenery, take a break from their busy lives in the city and take beautiful photos.