Our Fleet

The SailFirst club has a number of different boats and yachts, from the children’s Optimist boat, to ten monotype J80 Yachts, aiming to teach the art of competitive sailing and invite you into the world of sail-racers.

J80 One Design

The Monotype J80 class was designed by Ron Johnston of JBoats Co, as a sports keel yacht for offshore sea-racing. 

Currently, the J80 yachts are the only sports boats with a length of 8 meters (26 feet), certified as “Class B”. 

This allows the J80 to compete in open water areas, with wind forces of up to 41 knots, and wave heights up to 3 meters. 

This has gained the J80 an excellent reputation, as a boat with an great margin of safety. Having incorporated this in its construction, Johnston simultaneously designed a high-speed boat which, not without reason, is becoming known as “the family rocket ship.”

 The maximum speed of 20 knots speaks for itself. With a favourable 15 knots tailwind and a 65 square meter gennaker, the boat can easily glide through the water.

Optimist Dinghy

The Optimist was designed by the American boat constructor Clark Mills, in the middle of past century. 

Ever since, Optimist has been the most popular boat for teaching sailing to those of ages of 6 to 16. The boat was designed to be safe, and simple to sail. Nowadays, the Optimist is a world recognized sailing dinghy for world sailing championships. 

The boat’s main body (hull) is made of fibre glass, whilst the boat’s total weight is 35 kg.

The Optimist is the only boat that was approved by 

International Sailing Federation (ISAF) for teaching children of ages under 16 years. 

Many modern professionals began by learning to sail the Optimist.

Laser Dinghy

Every Laser in the world is identical. A strict, one-design class rule ensures this remains so.

This promotes the best sailor on the water to win the race, rather than the boat. 

The Laser is a challenging boat, which rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques 

as well as tactical excellence. 

The Laser is the single-handed, Olympic-class dinghy, used all over the world.